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Helping Bedroom Pop Artists Turn Their Demos Into Masterpieces  



Hi, my name is Friedrich. I'm a 30 year old music producer and mixing engineer.

Originally starting as a drummer and moving on to becoming a music producer I played on, wrote, produced, mixed and mastered

tons of records in all genres of music. However, I SPECIALIZE IN MODERN RAP AND POP MUSIC. Generally, I work with artists who

are in the process of launching or growing their career in music. If your goal is to develop a signature sound, build a fan base,

and garner industry attention then I want to help strengthen your platform by turning your demos into masterpieces. I'm currently

based in Germany, but I can work with artists remotely all over the world.

I can help you in every stage, from writing to producing, mixing or mastering.

If you want to have fat sounding, hard hitting, modern productions: Let's talk!

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This is my portfolio playlist.

It includes tracks I produced and/or mixed and mastered.

No matter which stage in your creative process you are at:

I can help you with mixing & mastering but also writing, producing and recording.

Just leave me a message and I will contact you for a free consultation.


The Planning Phase

Every project starts with careful planning. We take a look at what's worked for you in the past as well as come up with new ideas that we want to try with the song. We'll discuss what the goal is for the song (that determines how I produce it), and we will create a timeline for completing the project so that everything moves efficiently. 

The Production Phase

Next we dive into the creative process... Producing the song start-to-finish. We can start from scratch or work off of any demos that you've created already. My goal is help develop a sound for you that is fresh, memorable, and commercial. We can do this process in-person, completely remote, or a mix of both.

The Release Phase


Nothing is worse than having a great song that doesn't go anywhere. I want to ensure that your time, money, and effort isn't wasted. In the release phase, I'll provide a combination of advice and resources so that you know how to confidently present your song to the world.


I very much enjoyed working with Friedrich. I like his style a lot. Throughout the production process he responded to my ideas and requests as an artist and implemented them perfectly. - Jonnes

Working with Friedrich was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He always strived to think his way into my perspective, making my songs sound exactly like I imagined them to be - or even better. Friedrich really cares, sharing his great experience in the music industry goes without saying. He really helped me to evolve, understand and find myself as an artist. - Lea Ladoux

The production process was a lot of fun and I felt that I was in good hands. Friedrich’s experience, openness and expertise were the basis of a great collaboration with beautiful results. - Paula

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